Wednesday, July 11, 2012

DNA Bling

When you love what you do sometimes you want to wear it, on your ears. Or maybe around your neck and your wrists. The other day our director came by the lab and as she was talking I was drawn to her earrings because they were in the shape of DNA!-the beloved substance of life that we work with everyday.

Inspired by her earrings I went out on a search for the best "DNA Bling" across the web. Here are my top pics:

1. "It's all in your genes" bracelet is very dainty piece and the creator has made each nucleotide base a different stone: amethyst- adenine, tourmaline- thymine, citrine- cytosine, garnet- guanine.

2. DNA Wire Spring Earrings: For  the more bold, and funky earring wearer, we have these triangular wire earrings with a helix at the bottom.

3. DNA Genetics Cabochon Brass Ring: I had to throw in a ring in this round up. This ring is a very nice, understated brass ring with what looks like a karyotype image inside.

4. DNA Base Pair Friendship Bracelet:A personal favorite of mine, this has got to be the cutest thing. Lab buddies can display their friendship in terms of base pairing. A and T are also available.

5. Etched Copper DNA Double Helix Bracelet: For the bohemian budding scientist who wants to evoke more earth tones this bracelet is definitely for you!

6. Moma DNA Bracelet: For those who want to rock "DNA Bling" without looking like you are doing just that.

7. Frank Gehry® Orchid drop pendant” While this pendant is not originally advertised to be a DNA inspired necklace, it looks like it and gives us an excuse to throw in something from the coveted Tiffanys. 

8.  DNA Cuff Links: Of course we could not forget the dapper "fellas" who love science.

I hope you enjoyed this round-up. Who knew there were  people paying homage to DNA through the art of jewelry making?  I'm now on a mad hunt for DNA inspired home accessories. Post to come soon!   
Please comment and check out the links above. If you have seen any other cool jewelry DNA pieces not featured, please send them our way!

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  1. I bought a DNA necklace (ceramic) custom made, for only $18 at Surly-Ramics. Check it out! (I bought the blue one)

    She also makes LOTS of science-based jewelry. I also bought Darwin's tree of life from her.