About The Core

The Genomics Core Lab at MSKCC is a full-service microarray and sequencing facility.
The GCL supports basic and clinical research by providing DNA and RNA analysis services from experimental design and sample preparation to basic data analysis and training. Since its inception in January 2001, the GCL has processed more than 15,000 samples and served over 150 New York state laboratories and numerous out of state research institutions.
Sample preparation services include RNA and DNA extraction from standard and challenging sources as well as sample quality control assessment. The functional genomics applications available are gene expression, array Comparative Genomic Hybridization (aCGH), microRNA, SNP, Chromatin Immunoprecipitation and methylationanalysis measured with Affymetrix, Illumina or Agilent microarrays. Microarray validation by Real-Time PCR is also provided.
Recently, the GCL has expanded its portfolio of measurement technologies to include twoNext Generation Sequencing instruments, the 454 and SOLiD. The availability of long read (454) and short read (SOLiD) technologies enables high-throughput analysis of a range of genomics applications, such as variant detection, epigenomics, transcriptome sequencing.
GCL staff also provides basic bioinformatics analysis, training and support for the tri-institutional community on in-house bioinformatics tools such as Partek Genomics Suite Software, Ingenuity, GeneGo, 454 analysis tools, DNASTAR Lasergene and others.
 We offer the following services here:
-          Microarray Platforms
o   Affymetrix
o   Illumina
o   Agilent
o   Nimblegen
-          DNA Sequencing
o   Sanger Sequencing
o   454 (Roche)
o   SOLiD 5500 (Life technologies)
o   Hiseq (illumina)
o   Myseq (Illumina)
o   PGM (Life technologies)
-          Nucleic Acid extractions
o   DNA
o   RNA
o   FFPE tissues
o   Fresh Frozen
o   Plasma
-          Epigenomics
o   Histone modification
o   Whole Genome Methylation
o   Chip_Seq
-          Data processing/Analysis
o   Training and clinics
o   Software licenses and downloads
o   One on one sessions

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